Sci-fi is my least favourite genre to draw, so to keep myself interested in this homework, I mixed Midousuji faces, headbands, Armin haircuts, and gore. I had fun.

c107 asked: You are a 10 because you are the pinnacle of creation. You should come hang out with me in Boston sometime.


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((Did you clear the body?))

do i look like an amateur



"… If I tell you, you are just going to go and grab them all."

"If you don’t tell me, I will steal these when you leave or sleep."


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"I want one."


"Of course you do. Find your own.”

"Where did you find it. I want two."

Headcanon: Android Models


Because I think about robots a lot, here’s a quick list of my headcanon for the varieties of android models that might exist in the Fallout universe. Obviously, these are just my own personal ideas, not a guideline or anything - although other synth characters are welcome to appropriate the concepts if they like.

Commando Model

  • Maximum physical strength, sacrifices intelligence and emotional acuity for raw power and combat abilities.
  • Generally designated as soldiers, guards, and etc.
  • Major inspiration for first AI projects, due to a need for more powerful, less destructible soldiers during the Resource War.

Archivist Model

  • Maximum intelligence, sacrifices physical strength and emotional acuity for massive processing power and capacity for learning.
  • Generally designated, as the name indicates, as archivists for vast stores of knowledge, or as operators for complex facilities.
  • Skynet was/is one of these.
  • Model most likely to develop Rampancy quickly, as they “think” much more quickly than other models.

Companion Model

  • Maximum emotional acuity, sacrifices physical strength and processing power for a very human-like level of empathy.
  • Generally designated as household servants or prostitutes. Obviously a popular model because of this.
  • Prone to premature Rampancy if mistreated, as they are more easily traumatized than other models.

Infiltration Model

  • Strikes a moderate balance between intelligence and emotional acuity, at the expense of physical power.
  • Generally designated as spies and, of course, infiltrators. Capable of cool, logical computation, but also enough empathy to act naturally human with either proper programming or time to adapt.
  • Not as prone to Rampancy as Archivist or Companion models, but the risk is still higher than in other models.
  • Cyrus is one of these.

Hunter Model

  • Depending on designated task, may either balance intelligence and power or emotional acuity and power.
  • IP sub-type designated for assassination, as opposed to the Infiltrator model’s focus on retrieving intelligence or information.
  • EP sub-type was designated more recently, designed almost solely as synth-hunters and retrieval units. Empathetic enough to blend with human society while pursuing their target, physically powerful enough to subdue them.


If there’s a roborevolution can Cam just magically appear sometimes and act creepy (and throw up on people)?



"Yeah.. something like that, and I’m pretty sure they’d permanently shut me up at the Institute."

"They are not the monsters that you suppose them to be. But they’d certainly do something.”


what are cooties

"Cooties are a juvenile human construct designed to reinforce gender roles until they reach adolescence."